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Will you be my people?

It’s a question I’ve been asking since 2008 when I started writing for “holy hellions,” those faithful rebels who stand against the culture of sexism, stereotypes and Sunday School answers while standing with God and God’s people.

I believe in being the church. I believe in attending a church. I just don’t like to do it. I don’t like when the old people talk too long even though I need to be reminded of our shared history. I don’t like it when the babies cry too loud even though I need to be reminded of our shared need. I don’t take well to authority figures telling me what to do. And yet I have a lot of opinions on what they should do.

I like Jesus; I just don’t like when he’s separated from the other persons of the Trinity like the cheese who stands alone. I believe in tradition if there’s a good reason behind it. It’s just that I often can’t get a straight answer about what that reason is.

I have a master’s degree in theology, but I don’t want to hear your dissertation. I want the specifics, like how you picture God when you pray and what you say to the beggar on the street who asks for money.

I am interested in women and men who earnestly want to belong and are ready to do so with people who don’t look and think and act like them. The trouble is I have a hard time committing to these people because as pastor Lillian Daniel puts it, “In community, humanity is just way too close to look good.”

What else do you want to know?

The S. in my middle name stands for Steffen. I am married to a small man with a big beard and a big heart for youth ministry. We think choosing not to have biological children can be a calling. I do not know how to make coffee, cut toenails, or whistle. I do know how to drive a stick shift, do a headstand, and dance. I’ve sampled over 50 cupcakes from shops across the states and have the pictures to prove it (#yescupcakes.) I’m a Myers-Briggs INTP, an Enneagram 5, and a Path Elements Profile fire nature. My therapist says I’m the obsessive type.

You can e-mail me at heyerinlane (at) gmail.com. For speaking invitations, please consult my event guidelines before reaching out.