COVER - final“One of the clearest and certainly one of the most informing pictures I have seen to date of the generation of young adults who presently are shaping the twenty-first-century church.”
–  Phyllis Tickle, author of The Great Emergence

Belonging to the church has become a lost art, especially among my millennial generation. But it’s not simply that we’ve chosen not to belong. It’s that we’ve forgotten how. Lessons in Belonging (InterVarsity Press, 2015) is a story  about remembering how to belong to God’s people – and often failing. It’s about my search for a church home as a Catholic feminist in the American south. It’s about becoming a pastor’s wife before I became myself. It’s about trying to make friends when friends are making babies. So, too, is it a story about enduring community when it’s awkward, and small talk suffocates and the preacher gives bad sermons and the suffering of strangers feels intrusive. Still, we offer our pained lives to one another like bread and say, “Take. Eat. I belong to you.” Click here to purchase directly from me.


 “Talking Taboo is a groundbreaking book. This chorus of bold female voices is presenting the church with an opportunity to engage real but all to frequently avoided or unseen issues impacting countless Christian women today.”
– Carolyn Custis James, author of Half the Church

What happens when young, American women speak the unspeakable about our experiences of faith? This anthology of 40 essays from women under 40 unearths the taboos that have stifled us, divided us, and prevented us from feeling at home in our Christian communities. Perhaps the coolest part of Talking Taboo (White Cloud Press, 2013) – this whole series, really – is that you get to hear women speak for themselves. This takes the pressure off having to agree with them or even “tolerate” them, and instead you get to bear witness to the people who are living in your neighborhoods, communities, churches, and home. So, pour a cup of tea. Pull up a chair. Get to know us. Maybe you’ll get to know something of God a little better, too, in the process. Click here to purchase on Amazon.