Lessons in Belonging
“In further wrestling with the nature and practice of church, Erin Lane challenges us to imagine a faith in which belonging is just as important as believing. This will be another excellent resource for those who are struggling with church.” –  C. Christopher Smith, Relevant Magazine

“Erin S. Lane’s new book, Lessons in Belonging from a Church-Going Commitment Phobe, is a revelation. . . . Lane challenges, encourages, exhorts, and entertains; she crafts her stories with care and integrity, with fierce wit, and vulnerability. She is a writer’s writer—one who weaves story and scripture together seamlessly, while forging beautiful sentences. Lane loves words, but not as much as she loves the church.” – Janell Anema, Evangelicals for Social Action

“‘I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to going to church for the people.’ You have to love a book that makes this declaration. Erin Lane tells a good story about her curious condition as an incurable introvert who nonetheless loves the church—and is married to a pastor to boot. Part church history, part spiritual memoir, part theological treatise on Christian community, Lessons in Belonging suggests how we might shed ‘illusions of how belonging should happen.'”
– Anne Blue Wills, The Christian Century

Talking Taboo
“We award this for a few reasons, not the least of which is that it is entertaining reading, good writing, finely crafted essays and engaging storytelling. More obviously, though, the pain and disenfranchisement experienced by many women in many religious settings is simply a matter that must be talked about. In many places sins against women are legend and the voices of women nearly excluded.” – Bryon Borger,

“The anthology as a genre here speaks for itself. By placing the stories together, by keeping them loose and unbounded, the stories meld together as if to form the voice of one strong, loud woman. To read Talking Taboo is to have a long conversation with that woman. For some, her story may be familiar; for others, her voice and perspective may be new. Either way, the thing to do is to listen.”
– Rebecca Kraybill, Sojourners

“This significant book offers a glimpse of the diverse lived realities of Christian women and encourages the church to accept the full humanity of women.”
Publisher Weekly, Starred Review

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