Hello. Is it me you’re looking for?

I’ve preached sermons, taught classes, and led workshops and retreats for men, women, clergy, laity, writers, young adults, college students, and teenagers. My favorite kind of speaking is the one where I get to facilitate a shared conversation on themes of belonging, vocation, gender, identity, community, and faith practice. It works out nicely that this is what I do for a living as a trained Courage & Renewal facilitator.

I love doing events. And I love doing events well – preparing, praying, and presenting with purpose. Over the years I’ve learned that this means practicing boundaries when it comes to the number and nature of events I accept. Before reaching out to me to inquire about an event, please first read the below guidelines to see if your event and my stipulations are compatible.

Event Format/Fee: I have designed a menu of event formats and fees that reflect my skill and expertise. On rare occasions can I make exceptions to my fee structure. However, if you do not see your anticipated format reflected here, please inquire. I enjoy working with hosts who have a strong vision. 

  • Skype Talk: Up to 60 minutes of facilitated talk/interaction over Skype. Fee: $500
  • Guest Sermon: Up to 25 minutes of sermon on mutually-agreed upon Scripture. Fee: $500 per worship service + travel expenses
  • Workshop: Up to 180 minutes of facilitated teaching, storytelling, journaling, and small group discussion. Fee: $1000 + travel expenses
  • Keynote Speech: Up to 45 minutes of speech on a topic mutually decided upon by author and host, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. Fee: $1500 + travel expenses
  • Retreat Facilitation: Up to 48 hrs of combination between teaching and facilitation, inclusive of individual reflection and small group activities. Fee: $2500 + travel expenses

Local event rates are discounted 50%. Local events are within two hours driving distance of Raleigh, North Carolina and are timed so as not to require an overnight stay.

Travel Expenses include a direct flight (whenever possible), hotel stay, ground transportation, and a per diem of $50.

Local Travel Expenses include a per diem of $50.

Event Space: A well-designed space can provide vitality to an event. I love creative spaces that are intentionally chosen, have a playful air, and foster connection. As you consider the space for this event, I hope you will keep these things in mind:

  • Spaces that are intentionally chosen are simple, beautiful, and without distraction in order to communicate that, for the time being, there is nothing more important than our presence in this room.
  • Spaces that have a playful air typically welcome art, media, and movement in order to communicate there is more than one way learning happens in this room.
  • Spaces that foster connection have seating in one large circle, rows of semi-circles, or a variety of round tables in order to communicate there is more than one expert in this room.  

Event Calendar: To practice presence locally, I typically do not book more than one freelance event a month that requires plane travel from Raleigh, North Carolina. Please consult my event calendar to see if I already have an out-of-town event booked for your requested month.

If you’ve gotten through this page of event guidelines (phew!) and still think we’d be a good fit for each other, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail at heyerinlane (at) I would love to hear what’s stirring in you and your community.